20 April 2012

HIGH GRADE perfume

hi everyone!!!

High gred perfumed imported  from Dubai,UAE and US

one of our collection.TERRY MUGLER-ALIEN

What is actually high grade perfumes?

*the finest imitation perfume
*it means the packaging is the SAME as original perfume, the box, the bottle & the cap totally SAME! (seriously very difficult to differentiate)

*the smell is totally SAME as original! yippie! i've tested most of the perfumes actually..teehee
*and the last one, no matter how *BOMBASTIC KEBABOM* its sounds's still differ in term of its lasting hours..if the original can last up to 8 hours, grade AAA will last more less half of it..that means 4 hours peeps!(but never mind..agak-agak cam dah bau kurang uoll sembur la balik.confirm wangi semerbak)
*perfumes ini sesuai utk semua peringkat umur yg tak mahu membelanjakan wang yg banyak untuk bergaya sakan..hehe.kalau nak beli yang original berbotol-botol nak tukar-tukar bau everyday confirm rabak poket beli yang imitation ni berbaloi-baloi i tell u..
*price range from RM50 to RM60 yawww! totally affordable for everyday use(office, kuliah,dating,jalan-jalan,lepak-lepak) haa seronokkan

so ape tunggu lagi..


email to 
or agak-agak susah nak email just sms to 0164434298

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